Saturday, December 31, 2011

Hello Jupiter do you hear my transmission?

Who would of thought? I found a last minute show to attend Friday night. And what I heard was a collision of sounds from a band calling themselves Hello Jupiter.
The three members making up this band are Eveni Lattcheni on guitars/vocals, Maxwell Rudkin bass/vocals and Jon O'Rourke. Are what I would call musical sponges. Creating a sound full of textures and styles that has a little bit for everyone.
Watching the crowd from the young to the older folks. Everyone was enjoying every note coming from these three men. I enjoyed the bass riffs of Maxwell and the rhythm stylings of Evgeni's guitar playing all held nicely by Jon's drumming. Bands like As Tall As Lions and Tera Melos come to mind while listening to Hello Jupiter. Their choice of time changes and playing style were refreshing to the ears.
As I type this review I'm listening to their Comprension EP. Click here to download it for free. And as I listen I find my thoughts drifting away on this cosmic soundtrack. Dare I say I'm having an out of body experience.
You can find Hello Jupiter on their FaceBook page. There you can find various links to learn more about them. And to keep up on when and were there playing next.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Connecting the scenes/starting with Evolove

Hello everyone. Well here we go. This will be a new weekly addition to the In A Crowd blog called Connecting The Scenes. Here I will be seeking out other bands across the United States too feature in our Connecting the scenes article. We all can learn from each other on what can make your local scenes flourish. But the only way to do that is by communication. Reach out to other bands and learn from their success. Hopefully here can be a launch pad for this. Read on and enjoy.
I recently attended a charity show here on Long Island. One of the bands playing were a local LI band called Blameshift. A few days after that show they announced a new tour they would be on. This will be the Awake The State Tour 2012 presented by Alternative Revolt magazine. This will be a west coast tour. Joining them on this tour will be a Los Angeles band called Evolove.
Evolove is an alternative rock band fronted by the charismatic Lucy Levinsohn on vocals. They have recored two ep's . The first being 2012: Contdown to the end in October of 2009 and this years Breaking Heartstrings.
In this short amount of time they have signed a licensing agreement with MTV. And have had songs placed in shows such as Made, True Life and Teen Mom. And also have had three songs placed on ABC's teen drama Pretty Little Liars.
So in a short amount of time Evolove have accomplished so much. Check them out and contact them. Trade some experiences. We all can learn from each other. Cheers!

I Ignite lights the fuse.

I Ignite have come out of their corner swinging and have landed a one two punch . They have just played there first show on Dec 23rd at Mulcahys in Centereach. Then five days later to a packed house at O'Briens in Coram. As I pulled into O'Briens parking lot there was not one spot open. I then had to park down the road and across the street for this one. A minor inconvenience. But was nice to see an original show so well attended.
If you enjoy bands like A Day To Remember or Story of the Year then you'll enjoy I Ignite. They seem to have a gift for not only writing good songs but writing great rock anthems. That make you want to raise your fist in the air and chant along.
Fronting this band is Eddie Raccioppi. Some may know Eddie as being the guitar player for bands like A Farewell Fire and For The Taking. But for I Ignite he has laid down his guitar too be front and center handling lead vocals. He seems to have made the transition without flaw. He knows how to work the crowd and make you feel like part of the show. This is always a sign of a great frontman.
And lets not forget the talented musicians backing him up. You have Stefen Milana and Corey Grucci on guitars. Joe Meyer on bass and Chris Barreto on drums. All these guys together create I Ignite.
You can find I Ignite on their facebook page. There you can sample some music and keep track of upcoming shows.
I would highly recommend catching I Ignite live. Not only will you be seeing a great band. But you would be supporting the local music scene and your local businesses in this struggling economy.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

400+ Gather to support Original Music

400 + were in attendance to support local music on a Wednesday night. Let me back track a bit. Four bands were chosen to play WBAB's second Homegrown Superstar Contest. Starting in October fans could vote of there favorite band in weekly rounds. And in December the four bands that survived those weekly rounds got to play the Homegrown Superstar show. And at the end of the night. The band bringing the most fans through the door. Would be crowned WBWB's Homegrown Superstar. The winning band would receive a prize package that would help them along there musical journey.
The first to perform was a four piece hard rock unit called Permanent Scar. I've been wanting to catch this band for some time now. This band possesses well crafted thought provoking songs. A bonus of the night was a free full length CD that they were handing out at the show. They played a solid set. And from the crowds reaction it was apparent they left with more fans than they began with.
The second to perform was the alternative/hip hop band Echo Sonic. Fronted by the charismatic Aaron Turner on vocals. Aaron worked the crowd and stage like a seasoned professional. Spiting lyrics and rhymes while backed by his amazing band.
The third to perform was the rock band Revel 9. Opening with the energetic San Jose. They got the crowd going right out of the gate. Rhythm guitarist Matt Dower is very entertaining too watch. He seems to be in his own little word as he plays. A very animated player bringing his playing to another level. Highlight of the set was watching a row of fans playing the leads along with guitarist/singer DJ Pearlman. From a distance all you could see in front of DJ were fingers twiddling about.
The final act and the winner of the night was Oogee Wawa. They brought a party to the stage. I would describe them is a fun loving jam band. Watching them perform and seeing how they interact with the audience. It's no surprise why they have such a loving fan base. Their motto must be Just Have Some Fun.
Most of us are aware of the poor shape the local scene is in. Its not due to the lack of talent out there. Because there is plenty of talent here on Long Island. Many people have many opinions on this subject. And just like politics there is no simple answer to this complex problem. But as long as we continue to ask questions and try different solutions. The music scene may once again thrive.
WBAB is a great supporter of the original music scene. It would be nice to see more effort from other areas of media. There is great potential out there to revive the scene. We just need more like minds to join the mission.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

The gathering of a Midnight Mob

I was well aware what was rumbling behind the curtain at Qllie's Point Saturday night. For some they knew as well. While others were about to be de-flowered tonight.
As Midnight Mob was introduced and the curtain opened those standing in the back were drawn to the stage like bugs attracted to a light. Memorized by what they heard and saw. It is amazing too watch a band create an instant buzz within a room.
If there was any band that has the it factor Midnight Mob is number one on the list. They have the look. They have the songs. And they have the rock and roll attitude and energy of bands of yesterday. They have brought back the star back too rock star.
Fronting this band of misfits is Blackey Deathproof. She has the snarl of Sid Vicious. Only better looking and much more talented. Holding down the rhythm section is Carly Quinn on Bass and Mikey Catastrophe on Drums. And guitar duties are divided by Spydyr and Mickey Squeeze.
I ran into David Caggiano from Betamx Artist Development who recorded their four song EP. And he told me he's currently recording them now. I for one will be waiting impatiently for these songs to surface.
Checkout this great band. You can purchase their music on itunes. You can also support them and the scene by attending a show. You will be watching history in the making.

Monday, December 5, 2011


Flashback Saturday night. I went to review a band but to no avail. I was in no mood to wait for a band that was making no attempt to take the stage at there given show time. Guess they were having too much fun hanging out by the fire pit outside. Instead of entertaining the crowd waiting inside. I waited for a bit then I said screw it and made my way back home. By the way if I wouldn't wait for Axl. I'm sure not gonna wait for you. In hindsight I'm glad they tried my patience. Because on Sunday I stumble upon an artist by pure mistake.
Sunday I attended a show at Mr Beery's. The show was hosted by Mike Ferrari and Radio J. Mike is best known as the publisher of the Aural Fix Magazine. This show was a benefit to end crohn's disease. The show showcased many Long Island bands.
One artist of the night just blew me away. She goes by the name of Silverqueen. She took to the stage with microphone in hand. And open her set singing over some layered vocals that were coming through some top secret pedal. Her voice was memorizing. Sweet and haunting all at the same time.
After her first song Silverqueen strapped on her acoustic guitar and gave a stunning performance. Silverqueen ended her set the way she had begun it. Microphone in hand. Her voice and her nifty machine.
I was so impressed I asked her for a copy of her CD. I popped it in on my ride home and was impressed all over again. Her CD was recored with a full band. Giving her songs a wider palate to enjoy.