Saturday, December 24, 2011

I Ignite lights the fuse.

I Ignite have come out of their corner swinging and have landed a one two punch . They have just played there first show on Dec 23rd at Mulcahys in Centereach. Then five days later to a packed house at O'Briens in Coram. As I pulled into O'Briens parking lot there was not one spot open. I then had to park down the road and across the street for this one. A minor inconvenience. But was nice to see an original show so well attended.
If you enjoy bands like A Day To Remember or Story of the Year then you'll enjoy I Ignite. They seem to have a gift for not only writing good songs but writing great rock anthems. That make you want to raise your fist in the air and chant along.
Fronting this band is Eddie Raccioppi. Some may know Eddie as being the guitar player for bands like A Farewell Fire and For The Taking. But for I Ignite he has laid down his guitar too be front and center handling lead vocals. He seems to have made the transition without flaw. He knows how to work the crowd and make you feel like part of the show. This is always a sign of a great frontman.
And lets not forget the talented musicians backing him up. You have Stefen Milana and Corey Grucci on guitars. Joe Meyer on bass and Chris Barreto on drums. All these guys together create I Ignite.
You can find I Ignite on their facebook page. There you can sample some music and keep track of upcoming shows.
I would highly recommend catching I Ignite live. Not only will you be seeing a great band. But you would be supporting the local music scene and your local businesses in this struggling economy.