Thursday, December 15, 2011

400+ Gather to support Original Music

400 + were in attendance to support local music on a Wednesday night. Let me back track a bit. Four bands were chosen to play WBAB's second Homegrown Superstar Contest. Starting in October fans could vote of there favorite band in weekly rounds. And in December the four bands that survived those weekly rounds got to play the Homegrown Superstar show. And at the end of the night. The band bringing the most fans through the door. Would be crowned WBWB's Homegrown Superstar. The winning band would receive a prize package that would help them along there musical journey.
The first to perform was a four piece hard rock unit called Permanent Scar. I've been wanting to catch this band for some time now. This band possesses well crafted thought provoking songs. A bonus of the night was a free full length CD that they were handing out at the show. They played a solid set. And from the crowds reaction it was apparent they left with more fans than they began with.
The second to perform was the alternative/hip hop band Echo Sonic. Fronted by the charismatic Aaron Turner on vocals. Aaron worked the crowd and stage like a seasoned professional. Spiting lyrics and rhymes while backed by his amazing band.
The third to perform was the rock band Revel 9. Opening with the energetic San Jose. They got the crowd going right out of the gate. Rhythm guitarist Matt Dower is very entertaining too watch. He seems to be in his own little word as he plays. A very animated player bringing his playing to another level. Highlight of the set was watching a row of fans playing the leads along with guitarist/singer DJ Pearlman. From a distance all you could see in front of DJ were fingers twiddling about.
The final act and the winner of the night was Oogee Wawa. They brought a party to the stage. I would describe them is a fun loving jam band. Watching them perform and seeing how they interact with the audience. It's no surprise why they have such a loving fan base. Their motto must be Just Have Some Fun.
Most of us are aware of the poor shape the local scene is in. Its not due to the lack of talent out there. Because there is plenty of talent here on Long Island. Many people have many opinions on this subject. And just like politics there is no simple answer to this complex problem. But as long as we continue to ask questions and try different solutions. The music scene may once again thrive.
WBAB is a great supporter of the original music scene. It would be nice to see more effort from other areas of media. There is great potential out there to revive the scene. We just need more like minds to join the mission.

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