Saturday, December 31, 2011

Hello Jupiter do you hear my transmission?

Who would of thought? I found a last minute show to attend Friday night. And what I heard was a collision of sounds from a band calling themselves Hello Jupiter.
The three members making up this band are Eveni Lattcheni on guitars/vocals, Maxwell Rudkin bass/vocals and Jon O'Rourke. Are what I would call musical sponges. Creating a sound full of textures and styles that has a little bit for everyone.
Watching the crowd from the young to the older folks. Everyone was enjoying every note coming from these three men. I enjoyed the bass riffs of Maxwell and the rhythm stylings of Evgeni's guitar playing all held nicely by Jon's drumming. Bands like As Tall As Lions and Tera Melos come to mind while listening to Hello Jupiter. Their choice of time changes and playing style were refreshing to the ears.
As I type this review I'm listening to their Comprension EP. Click here to download it for free. And as I listen I find my thoughts drifting away on this cosmic soundtrack. Dare I say I'm having an out of body experience.
You can find Hello Jupiter on their FaceBook page. There you can find various links to learn more about them. And to keep up on when and were there playing next.

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