Monday, January 30, 2012

A leisurely night with Big Mosey.

 So the last weekend of January 2012 brings me to LuLus in Port Jefferson. I love this club, but we need to spread the word about what a great room this is too play. I would hate too see this club end up like so many other's in the wasteland of club's that have come and gone. If your in a band or know someone in a band turn them on to this place and book a show.
 Ok onto the band at hand. Big Mosey got me to travel to LuLus tonight. I previewed their collection of songs online. Which instantly struck a nerve that needed to be addressed with a live performance. Big Mosey didn't disappoint . This band shines live. Artists such as Seven Mary Three and Tom Waits come to mind if I was asked who they remind me of. They have a gritty blues vibe with a sonic groove that comforts your soul. The lead stylings of Nick Fokas hits you emotionally. His use of delay was hauntingly beautiful and added even more texture to their sound.
 Singer/guitarist Matt Jacobs did a fine job working the crowd. He was able to interact with the audience and make them feel like part of the show.
 I spoke briefly with bass player Evan Hammer and Drummer Tim Lykins before the show. Evan and Tim were extremely friendly and it was nice chatting with them. I was approached by them both. Bands make a note. Its important to work the room and make contact with the people who come out to see you. Even if you have never met them before.
 You can download a free song form there web site by signing there email list. The Blue Skies Are Over is a favorite of mine. Thats if you were to ask me.
 You can also find Big Mosey on facebook and reverbnation. So if you like your music with soul check out Big Mosey.

Monday, January 23, 2012

New addition to the 2012 dictionary: PANZIE

 I must give a shout out too Radio J for turning me onto the band Panzie. It was through his radio show and facebook page that I found out about this kick ass band.
 So on this cold bitter Friday night. I ventured out to Ollie's Point in Amityville to catch Panzie live. Let me just say after seeing this band they are now in my top 5 favorite original bands from the area. Even tho they are from NYC. Long Island is still part of NY. Here is a band that has the it factor. Great songs. Great stage presence. And oh yea they look like a band. They actually have given some thought to their image. (So many bands miss the mark about the image factor of their band).
 Obvious influences to me were bands like Danzig, White Zombie to name a few. As you can tell this band rocks and rocks hard. The energy from the stage rippled through Ollie's Point and you couldn't help but to move from the effect. Highlights of the night were ABC (Alphabet Soup) and Angry Man.
 At the end of the night I picked up their CD Love & Blood. And have been looping it my vehicle's cd player ever since. Its a great alternative to use other than therapy for getting out some road rage.
 You can find out more about Panzie at the usual places facebook, reverbnation. For some reason I couldn't get on there web site.
 In closing this is a must see band. And Love & Blood should be in your cd collection if you consider yourself a true rocker. Panzie with my metal horns I salute you.

Monday, January 16, 2012

The "Rise"of the night beckons J.Rad.

 There is an old proverb stating a chain is only as strong as its weakest link. And after seeing J.Rad perform this past Saturday night. That chain shows no sign of breaking anytime soon.
 I have heard of J.Rad for years now. I've never checked out there music or seen them live. But that has all changed since Saturday night. These four guys should be on a major tour playing to a national audience.
 There is a feeling in the air that can't really be put into words. When you see a band with the "it" factor. And J.Rad has the "it" factor. I can say all the usual things as. This band is tight. They have great stage presence. Good songwriting skills and so on. Yes they have all that. But too really appreciate J. Rad one must experience them live. Since Saturday night  I've devoured all there music online. But its live where this band really shines.
 You can download their Rise - EP on iTunes for $5.94 or better yet pick one up the next time they play in your town.
 Also you can find them at all the usual place's such as Facebook, Myspace, Reverbnation. And at there very own web site

Sunday, January 8, 2012

NYC's Station pulls into Port Jeffersons LuLus

So here it is Saturday night and I'm sitting at the bar here at LuLus in Port Jefferson. I'm waiting for NYC's Station to take the stage. I stumbled onto this band after I checked LuLus schedule and said to myself who is Station? Listening to their tunes online they reminded me of an early Def Leppard. Think One Through The Night and High & Dry the best Def Leppard CD's in my opinion. Station has that raw edge that Leppard had before they started to over produce their CD's. And look how huge Leppard has become.
 Station did not disappoint. These guys came to rock and rock they did. Its a shame they were the only band to play tonight. Being a band from NYC and traveling to eastern Long Island. You couldn't expect them to bring a crowd with them. And there sure wasn't a large crowd at LuLus. Which is a shame because this band put on a great show with some killer tunes. It would have been nice to have a local hometown band with a following to help fill the club.
 Since LuLu's doesn't seem to have a built in crowd. I have opinions on why that is. Maybe I'll write a 101 book on the basics of building a clientele. I hear quite a few complaints from bar owners. Most of them expect bands to fill their establishment. And they themselves don't look at what they could do to build a clientele. I'll give all these club owners on Long Island and elsewhere a free tip. There's more to it than selling drinks. I wonder how many of them have a business plan written out on paper?
 Ok back to the band. I hope to hear more from them in the future. And I wish them well. As they will be opening for Vince Neil (Motley Crue) on January 19 at the Ridgefield Playhouse in CT. I'm betting there will be a good turnout for that show.
 You can find out more about Station the band at FaceBook and their web site

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Stolen Babies found in Los Angeles

Ok as I searched for another bands to feature in our new connecting the scenes feature. I came across another Los Angeles band. And that was purely accidental. Let me explain. As I search the world wide web. I have some favorite places I like too use to search out bands. And for me bands that catch my attention are purely visual first (bands take note. Make sure you have eye catching photos it will make people stop and click through too check you out). The old saying first impressions go a long way. So if you catch my eye I'll check you out further. So on this outing while surfing the web I came across Stolen Babies.
For me I like dark images. And that's what drew me towards Stolen Babies. The first picture I saw was a group portrait.Two members in top hats a female in the middle and a member on each side. The photograph had a eerie feel to it. This grabbed my attention immediately. See the importance of a good photograph. I passed other bands up before clicking through on Stolen Babies. Why? a good photograph.
How would I describe Stolen Babies? Imagine if Tim Burton and Danny Elfman had a baby. And what makes them so appealing is not only their music but how visually stimulating they are. I think bands that say we will let the music do the talking are just plain lazy. You need the complete package too stand out.
Back to their music. Picture if No Doubt got hired too play a funeral. Or a circus of the dead passed through your town. And if you happen to live in Az, OR, WA or CA you'll be able to catch them as they pass through your state. I'm sure more date will follow.
Here is another example of a band hitting the pavement and spreading their music. And not just staying in there hometown. Ask them how they do it if your not sure.
You can find Stolen Babies at the usual places. FaceBook, MySpace, ReverbNation or at their website
So there you have it. My second pick for connecting the scenes. Leave a comment for any bands you may have heard of. Also leave me some feedback.