Monday, April 16, 2012

The Lynch Pigs offer a dose of some good old wholesome fun. Yeah right!

What would you get if The Mentors gave birth too a musical offspring? Lynch Pigs of course. Lynch Pigs offers clear cut anthems for the alpha males. A musical soundtrack for the guy's who now want to be (stroked) pampered by the female gender. It's been way too long that us guys have had to figure out the female species. Now the Lynch Pigs have simplified the whole mating ritual in a 40 Min set. And after tonight's show at LuLu's this club will never be the same. A major disinfection is in order after the musical filth that spewed out of these five musicians. Opening the show with a heart felt love song Bang In The Bathroom it was clear these guys were not looking for any long term relationships with the woman at the show. Other songs like Knee Deep In Pussy or Earn My Love tell it straight. There's no beating around the bush or secret code to figure out. Tonight the Lynch Pigs were on top of their game. The crowd ate up their sleazy foul mouth dirty musical gems. And by the looks of it the woman in the crowd must like it dirty because they seemed too be enjoying it a tad bit more than the guys.
 Seems to me that this band has struck a nerve on the scene. No frills, bullshit free music to mate too.
For more on the Lynch Pigs check them out at www.lynch friend them on facebook and do your part spreading the word about this musical treat.