Sunday, December 11, 2011

The gathering of a Midnight Mob

I was well aware what was rumbling behind the curtain at Qllie's Point Saturday night. For some they knew as well. While others were about to be de-flowered tonight.
As Midnight Mob was introduced and the curtain opened those standing in the back were drawn to the stage like bugs attracted to a light. Memorized by what they heard and saw. It is amazing too watch a band create an instant buzz within a room.
If there was any band that has the it factor Midnight Mob is number one on the list. They have the look. They have the songs. And they have the rock and roll attitude and energy of bands of yesterday. They have brought back the star back too rock star.
Fronting this band of misfits is Blackey Deathproof. She has the snarl of Sid Vicious. Only better looking and much more talented. Holding down the rhythm section is Carly Quinn on Bass and Mikey Catastrophe on Drums. And guitar duties are divided by Spydyr and Mickey Squeeze.
I ran into David Caggiano from Betamx Artist Development who recorded their four song EP. And he told me he's currently recording them now. I for one will be waiting impatiently for these songs to surface.
Checkout this great band. You can purchase their music on itunes. You can also support them and the scene by attending a show. You will be watching history in the making.

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