Sunday, November 27, 2011


Hello everyone. Hope you all had a good Thanksgiving.
Well after searching for a show to attend this week. I came up empty. So I decided to stay in and ask you a question. Why are you performing for an audience? Really analyze your answer. Yes I know you love writing music. I know you love to perform.
I ask this question because there was a show I was thinking about going to this weekend. And after my initial search it put a sour taste in my mouth. The bands were selling advance tickets for $10 per ticket. The day of the show tickets would be $15 at the door. And none of that money going to the band. The old pay to play scenario. Bands please run from these events. Your being taken advantage of. Most of the time these events happen at the more pristine clubs(or so we think). There is no club worth playing if you have to pay to play it. Do your research and find other clubs to play. Your making these bottom feeder promoters (and that's being nice) money and your taking money out of pocket to play this better club (so you think). Why? Again I ask you why?
I think alot of musicians are blinded by their own delusion. Paying to play a better room (so called) is not going to impress anyone but yourselves. I've seen it time and time again. Bands bragging on their web site what venues they have played. Or better yet what has- been band they have opened up for (usually another pay to play scenario). Bands need to think smarter. Pave your own path. Don't try and ride on another's coat tails.
What's funny is I do alot of research. This show I am speaking of is one of many I see all the time. I checked the web sites for this venue and not a single mention of this show on it. Now there are many layers that go into a show. From the bands, the promoter of the show and to the venue itself. But bands should be researching everyone involved in these shows. They are asking you to do alot of work. Have you asked them what they are doing? Bands you are in control. Take your power back. There is no mystery in putting a show together. Just a bit of elbow grease.
By the way the definition of a Promoter is: a person or thing that promotes something, in particular/a person or company that finances or organizes a sporting event or theatrical production. Hum? so you are paying some smuck to do nothing more than put some bands together and make them pay to play this wonderful event. Seems to me the bands are the ones promoting the show and selling tickets (while the promoter hands you the tickets to sell)(what exactly is the promoter doing?)
Again I ask you why. If you answer me be prepare for a rebuttal.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Aunt Hildegard the relative you were warned about.

The dynamic duo Johnny Stupid and Crock LaRock of Aunt Hildegard assaulted the crowd at LuLu's this Friday night.With an original mix of rock, punk and doom. A sonic bliss created by one guitar and one drum set. Sorry bass players obviously no room for you in this mix.
Johnny Stupid took to the stage with his white semi-hollow Hagstrom guitar in hand. One might have expected some spontaneous jazz riffs from this elegant instrument with its sleek lines and double f holes. Instead they got an in your face barrage guitar assault. All the while his partner Crock LaRock took center stage playing his drums. Sounding/looking much like a solider on a turret holding down the fort.
Aunt Hildegard played selections off their upcoming CD. Produced by none other than Joey Z (Life of Agony/Steromud). "Check Please" was one of the songs that has stuck in my head from the night. That song alone should give Aunt Hildegard plenty of life too forge ahead while the AH army grows.
I guess I can brag that I was one of the first to see these songs performed live. And I'm now enlisted in the first division of the ever growing AH army.
If you like your music raw and too the point. Give Aunt Hildegard a test drive on your ipod or CD player. Be warned their tunes can be highly contagious.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

There was no mercy this Saturday night.

This week I briefly attended a show put on by No Mercy Metal at LuLu's in Port Jefferson. I had to retire my metal horns early this night. I had a prior commitment that required me to rise in the early am. That being said I was able too see the first two bands of the night.
Awaken started the night. I have covered this band in an earlier blog. Check it out for more details on this band. Let me say they get better every time I see them. I got to speak with Glenn during the night and got to know more history of the band. He tells me there will be more music from them in the future. And I look forward to hearing it. But let them ride out their current CD for now. And from the positive response of the crowd tonight. They should milk every last drop from the current release. Then replenish supplies when all is done. Leave the fans wanting more I say. Then open the flood gates for them to bathe in.
The second band of the night was Fear The Dawn. This band marked there territory with their brand of metalcore. Aside from their music. I was entertained by the antics of frontman Sean Patrick. I can only imagine that he would be a fun person too hang out with. I won't go into detail of his mannerisms I observed. All I will say is that I was chuckling too myself. And a word to drummer Christopher Scott. Thank you for make photographing a band so much fun. You definitely played it up for the camera. Your personality came across big time. Its so cool when you can project to a room full of people that your having a great time. And it wouldn't be complete not to mention Guitar player Tom Mong and Bass player Greg Zahra. Fear The Dawn kicked some major ass tonight.
A big heads up to No Mercy Metal for putting together these showcases for the metal scene. This show was well attended. And that can only mean on thing. Metal is alive and well!
Im sure the rest of the night was spectacular. Like I mentioned before I had to retire my metal horns early. But I'm sure there were many horns saluting the rest of the band's into the wee hours of the morning.

Monday, November 7, 2011

A Midnight Mob infestation.

This is a public emergency notification. Be on the lookout for a Midnight Mob infecting the nation with there contagious brand of rock and roll.
Welcome everyone to In a Crowds first CD review courtesy of NY's own Midnight Mob. The first of many reviews too come.
I got my copy of Midnight Mobs self titled CD at a show I was photographing. Midnight Mob was a complete surprise too me. I can't even remember the band I was there to photograph?
If you haven't hear of them yet. Then you should get yourself acquainted with them right now!
Midnight Mob has labeled their sound as swag "n" roll. They do have a swagger about them. Their four song CD oozes swagger and attitude. These songs are not only heard but felt by the listeners. Once a band can make you feel a song. Then you know you are listening too something special. From the opening sound of the cowbell of the Perfect Crime to the ending frenzy of Overdrive. Your like a drug addict looking too score again. Only it's more music your trying too score.
Fronting the band is Blackey Deathproof. She could be considered the female version of Johnny Rotten and Nikki Sixx. And thats a compliment. They are two of my favorite rockers know for their swagger and no bared attitude.
Midnight Mob has the goods to go all the way. With songs already placed on MTV, Fox Sports and E. This is just the beginning too a long and fruitful career.
So do you consider yourself a rock fan? I would beg to differ if the Midnight Mob isn't in your CD or ipod collection. Get your copy now and don't be left behind.