Monday, December 5, 2011


Flashback Saturday night. I went to review a band but to no avail. I was in no mood to wait for a band that was making no attempt to take the stage at there given show time. Guess they were having too much fun hanging out by the fire pit outside. Instead of entertaining the crowd waiting inside. I waited for a bit then I said screw it and made my way back home. By the way if I wouldn't wait for Axl. I'm sure not gonna wait for you. In hindsight I'm glad they tried my patience. Because on Sunday I stumble upon an artist by pure mistake.
Sunday I attended a show at Mr Beery's. The show was hosted by Mike Ferrari and Radio J. Mike is best known as the publisher of the Aural Fix Magazine. This show was a benefit to end crohn's disease. The show showcased many Long Island bands.
One artist of the night just blew me away. She goes by the name of Silverqueen. She took to the stage with microphone in hand. And open her set singing over some layered vocals that were coming through some top secret pedal. Her voice was memorizing. Sweet and haunting all at the same time.
After her first song Silverqueen strapped on her acoustic guitar and gave a stunning performance. Silverqueen ended her set the way she had begun it. Microphone in hand. Her voice and her nifty machine.
I was so impressed I asked her for a copy of her CD. I popped it in on my ride home and was impressed all over again. Her CD was recored with a full band. Giving her songs a wider palate to enjoy.

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