Monday, December 24, 2012

The Last International makes a stand

So my travels brought me back to 89 North the best venue for original music on Long Island in my opinion. I was not expecting too be swept away as I was with The Last International. This three piece band reminded me of Concrete Blond and Dusty Springfield just a few to compare them to. They have this classic 60's tones in their music blended with a punkish blues / rock attitude. Fronting the band is the  beautiful black haired raven Delila who's voice sweeps you away on a musical journey. Backing her is guitar player  Edgey looking very much like a member of The Ramones. His playing is edgey with mounds of vintage guitar tones and rounding out the band is Fernando on the drums. This band is a must see in my book. You can find them in all the usual places such as Facebook, Myspace, Reverbnation and their own website. The band gave me a copy of their last cd called Choose Your Killer which has taken up residency in my cd player. I hear something new with each play that makes my ears smile and my soul wander.

Monday, December 17, 2012

Come on and get some Gina Cutillo.

Many moons ago I stumbled across a provocatively dress musician fronting a band called Supergenius going by the name of Gina Cutillo. Since this time she has gone solo and has released two Cd's the first being From Here to Desire and her most recent The Lover. This past Saturday night Gina Cutillo took the stage at 89 North Music Venue to deliver her brand of rock/dance to an awaiting crowd. With the opening vocal line to "Like You Know" Gina and her band kick into a high energy performance dripping with sex appeal. Having watched Gina's transformation through the years she has gone from that provocatively dressed rock musician too a sexy sophisticated performer. Nothing wrong with the first incarnation but with age comes a different form of taste that she has embraced and is as sexy as ever. Gina and the band delivered catchy memorable songs that were well received by 89 North's audience. With Long Island having this new music venue catering to original music one can only hope Gina Cutillo plays here often.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Afro Brick?

Another awesome night of music hosted at 89 North Music Venue in Patchogue, NY. As the old proverb says build and they will come. And come they did 250+ strong came through the doors for a night of original music. And one of those bands were Afro Brick who slithered onstage and oozed an infectious blend of bluesy soulful rock an roll. Stirring a whirlwind of blistering jams and amplified greatness were Drew on guitar and vocals, Willy on bass and George on drums or as I read also known as Drumz, Houndog and Sticks. Might I add this bands was so much fun to watch as they were to listen to. You can check them out on their facebook page just type in afrobrick and be prepared to be infected.

Monday, November 26, 2012

She Said Fire!

 NYC'S She Said Fire made their way to the east end of Long Island playing 89 North's stage Saturday night. There must be something in the water in the city or it could just be the city environment because the bands coming from the area just seem to be a notch above the rest. She Said Fire is a prime example of this. You can't help but get drawn into a She Said Fire performance this band is full of energy combined with top notch showmanship and great songs they have all the making of a lasting staple on the scene.

Monday, November 19, 2012

This Good Robot explodes at 89 North.

What"s this! fireworks in November? This wasn't any ordinary firework this explosive substance goes by the name of This Good Robot a band hailing from eastern Long Island. TGR took the stage at 89 North  on this chilly Saturday night. Watching this band was like watching a string a firecrackers explode before my eyes. Bodies and instruments were thrashing around the stage all the while their frontman Michael Ragosta engaged the crowd to join in the festivities. I would categories TGR as an alternative rock band with dare I say a Broadway musical vibe and I say that with great respect. TGR puts on a show unlike many bands that just play a show there is a difference and when you see a band that puts on a show you'll know it. Highlights of their set were the zombie apocalypse song titled The Human I Am and Call The Police I loved the chains tied to their ankles for that one.  If your looking to be entertained for an evening I would highly recommend catching This Good Robot in concert.

Monday, October 15, 2012

For Matt - For Penny

Back in July of 2012 the L.I. music scene lost a fantastic performer by the name of Matthew Dower of Revel 9. And last night at 89 North Music Venue friends / fans, family and bands gathered to pay tribute to Matt and help raise money for his daughter Penny. This is the first of three benefits to raise money for The Matthew Dower Memorial Fund to help secure aid for Penny's education fund. The next benefit will be Nov,16 at Mulchay's and Dec 16 at The Middle Island Beers Garden.
 I was not able to stay the entire night at 89 North but for the time I did spend it was obvious that Matt touch many people through his music and just being Matt. I believe his love of the scene and his showmanship onstage has rubbed off on us all. Remember time is short. Cherish your time on this earth and make it a better place. A shout out to all the bands that performed tonight Off The Turnpike, The Lost, Cosmos Moon, Finespun, I Ignite, Revel 9 and Ninjas Need Money.

Monday, October 1, 2012

The invasion of Lansdowne.

I got a heads up from Steve at 89 North Music Venue that they had a band from Boston rolling into town by the name of Lansdowne. Taking the stage to a packed house Lansdowne injected their high energy rock to the crowd and the crowd ate up every note. If you enjoy bands such as NickleBack and Saving Abel then Lansdowne will fit right into you ipod.  They were a very polished act with great stage presence and well crafted songs. Watching the crowds reaction they gain a room of new fans. A highlight of the night was a song called Watch Me Burn I've been humming this song in my head the past few days and in my book that's a sign of success.