Saturday, December 24, 2011

Connecting the scenes/starting with Evolove

Hello everyone. Well here we go. This will be a new weekly addition to the In A Crowd blog called Connecting The Scenes. Here I will be seeking out other bands across the United States too feature in our Connecting the scenes article. We all can learn from each other on what can make your local scenes flourish. But the only way to do that is by communication. Reach out to other bands and learn from their success. Hopefully here can be a launch pad for this. Read on and enjoy.
I recently attended a charity show here on Long Island. One of the bands playing were a local LI band called Blameshift. A few days after that show they announced a new tour they would be on. This will be the Awake The State Tour 2012 presented by Alternative Revolt magazine. This will be a west coast tour. Joining them on this tour will be a Los Angeles band called Evolove.
Evolove is an alternative rock band fronted by the charismatic Lucy Levinsohn on vocals. They have recored two ep's . The first being 2012: Contdown to the end in October of 2009 and this years Breaking Heartstrings.
In this short amount of time they have signed a licensing agreement with MTV. And have had songs placed in shows such as Made, True Life and Teen Mom. And also have had three songs placed on ABC's teen drama Pretty Little Liars.
So in a short amount of time Evolove have accomplished so much. Check them out and contact them. Trade some experiences. We all can learn from each other. Cheers!

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