Monday, January 23, 2012

New addition to the 2012 dictionary: PANZIE

 I must give a shout out too Radio J for turning me onto the band Panzie. It was through his radio show and facebook page that I found out about this kick ass band.
 So on this cold bitter Friday night. I ventured out to Ollie's Point in Amityville to catch Panzie live. Let me just say after seeing this band they are now in my top 5 favorite original bands from the area. Even tho they are from NYC. Long Island is still part of NY. Here is a band that has the it factor. Great songs. Great stage presence. And oh yea they look like a band. They actually have given some thought to their image. (So many bands miss the mark about the image factor of their band).
 Obvious influences to me were bands like Danzig, White Zombie to name a few. As you can tell this band rocks and rocks hard. The energy from the stage rippled through Ollie's Point and you couldn't help but to move from the effect. Highlights of the night were ABC (Alphabet Soup) and Angry Man.
 At the end of the night I picked up their CD Love & Blood. And have been looping it my vehicle's cd player ever since. Its a great alternative to use other than therapy for getting out some road rage.
 You can find out more about Panzie at the usual places facebook, reverbnation. For some reason I couldn't get on there web site.
 In closing this is a must see band. And Love & Blood should be in your cd collection if you consider yourself a true rocker. Panzie with my metal horns I salute you.


Samael said...

It must be said, Panzie fuckin' rock. "Jezebel" is my jam.

John said...

Yes Samael they do rock.