Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Stolen Babies found in Los Angeles

Ok as I searched for another bands to feature in our new connecting the scenes feature. I came across another Los Angeles band. And that was purely accidental. Let me explain. As I search the world wide web. I have some favorite places I like too use to search out bands. And for me bands that catch my attention are purely visual first (bands take note. Make sure you have eye catching photos it will make people stop and click through too check you out). The old saying first impressions go a long way. So if you catch my eye I'll check you out further. So on this outing while surfing the web I came across Stolen Babies.
For me I like dark images. And that's what drew me towards Stolen Babies. The first picture I saw was a group portrait.Two members in top hats a female in the middle and a member on each side. The photograph had a eerie feel to it. This grabbed my attention immediately. See the importance of a good photograph. I passed other bands up before clicking through on Stolen Babies. Why? a good photograph.
How would I describe Stolen Babies? Imagine if Tim Burton and Danny Elfman had a baby. And what makes them so appealing is not only their music but how visually stimulating they are. I think bands that say we will let the music do the talking are just plain lazy. You need the complete package too stand out.
Back to their music. Picture if No Doubt got hired too play a funeral. Or a circus of the dead passed through your town. And if you happen to live in Az, OR, WA or CA you'll be able to catch them as they pass through your state. I'm sure more date will follow.
Here is another example of a band hitting the pavement and spreading their music. And not just staying in there hometown. Ask them how they do it if your not sure.
You can find Stolen Babies at the usual places. FaceBook, MySpace, ReverbNation or at their website
So there you have it. My second pick for connecting the scenes. Leave a comment for any bands you may have heard of. Also leave me some feedback.

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