Monday, January 30, 2012

A leisurely night with Big Mosey.

 So the last weekend of January 2012 brings me to LuLus in Port Jefferson. I love this club, but we need to spread the word about what a great room this is too play. I would hate too see this club end up like so many other's in the wasteland of club's that have come and gone. If your in a band or know someone in a band turn them on to this place and book a show.
 Ok onto the band at hand. Big Mosey got me to travel to LuLus tonight. I previewed their collection of songs online. Which instantly struck a nerve that needed to be addressed with a live performance. Big Mosey didn't disappoint . This band shines live. Artists such as Seven Mary Three and Tom Waits come to mind if I was asked who they remind me of. They have a gritty blues vibe with a sonic groove that comforts your soul. The lead stylings of Nick Fokas hits you emotionally. His use of delay was hauntingly beautiful and added even more texture to their sound.
 Singer/guitarist Matt Jacobs did a fine job working the crowd. He was able to interact with the audience and make them feel like part of the show.
 I spoke briefly with bass player Evan Hammer and Drummer Tim Lykins before the show. Evan and Tim were extremely friendly and it was nice chatting with them. I was approached by them both. Bands make a note. Its important to work the room and make contact with the people who come out to see you. Even if you have never met them before.
 You can download a free song form there web site by signing there email list. The Blue Skies Are Over is a favorite of mine. Thats if you were to ask me.
 You can also find Big Mosey on facebook and reverbnation. So if you like your music with soul check out Big Mosey.

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