Monday, November 7, 2011

A Midnight Mob infestation.

This is a public emergency notification. Be on the lookout for a Midnight Mob infecting the nation with there contagious brand of rock and roll.
Welcome everyone to In a Crowds first CD review courtesy of NY's own Midnight Mob. The first of many reviews too come.
I got my copy of Midnight Mobs self titled CD at a show I was photographing. Midnight Mob was a complete surprise too me. I can't even remember the band I was there to photograph?
If you haven't hear of them yet. Then you should get yourself acquainted with them right now!
Midnight Mob has labeled their sound as swag "n" roll. They do have a swagger about them. Their four song CD oozes swagger and attitude. These songs are not only heard but felt by the listeners. Once a band can make you feel a song. Then you know you are listening too something special. From the opening sound of the cowbell of the Perfect Crime to the ending frenzy of Overdrive. Your like a drug addict looking too score again. Only it's more music your trying too score.
Fronting the band is Blackey Deathproof. She could be considered the female version of Johnny Rotten and Nikki Sixx. And thats a compliment. They are two of my favorite rockers know for their swagger and no bared attitude.
Midnight Mob has the goods to go all the way. With songs already placed on MTV, Fox Sports and E. This is just the beginning too a long and fruitful career.
So do you consider yourself a rock fan? I would beg to differ if the Midnight Mob isn't in your CD or ipod collection. Get your copy now and don't be left behind.

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