Monday, November 21, 2011

Aunt Hildegard the relative you were warned about.

The dynamic duo Johnny Stupid and Crock LaRock of Aunt Hildegard assaulted the crowd at LuLu's this Friday night.With an original mix of rock, punk and doom. A sonic bliss created by one guitar and one drum set. Sorry bass players obviously no room for you in this mix.
Johnny Stupid took to the stage with his white semi-hollow Hagstrom guitar in hand. One might have expected some spontaneous jazz riffs from this elegant instrument with its sleek lines and double f holes. Instead they got an in your face barrage guitar assault. All the while his partner Crock LaRock took center stage playing his drums. Sounding/looking much like a solider on a turret holding down the fort.
Aunt Hildegard played selections off their upcoming CD. Produced by none other than Joey Z (Life of Agony/Steromud). "Check Please" was one of the songs that has stuck in my head from the night. That song alone should give Aunt Hildegard plenty of life too forge ahead while the AH army grows.
I guess I can brag that I was one of the first to see these songs performed live. And I'm now enlisted in the first division of the ever growing AH army.
If you like your music raw and too the point. Give Aunt Hildegard a test drive on your ipod or CD player. Be warned their tunes can be highly contagious.

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