Monday, March 12, 2012

Spreading the Code.

 Remember the days you got turned onto a band and you needed to let everyone know about them? Well Killcode is one of those bands.
 I just got their new self titled CD two weeks before the official release date of March 24th. This CD  had been looping in my ride for days now. Forget what's on the billboard charts this disc is pure local platinum.
 Its just too bad its winter. I can't ride around with the top down and raise my fist while cranking the second song on the disc called Hands Up. And if you don't have a convertible you may find yourself with a saw. converting your ride. And its songs like I'm Liberated stating I'm Liberated, Im living free, I'm nobody's burden baby, I only answer too me. Are word's to live by and take to your grave. Another treat on the disc is a duet with Angelina Del Carmen from Charetta on Trust. And closing out the CD is Bad Mother which will have you screaming down the highway.
 Killcode have element of rock, metal, hints of southern rock all wrapped into one package. This band is the bomb. Catch their CD release show at The Bowery Ballroom on Saturday 24, 2012. Remember to pick up the CD that night and help spread the code.

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