Monday, March 19, 2012

It's a Panzie invasion.

Once again NYC's Panzie has crossed the L.I. boarder and deployed themselves to Ollie's Point in Amityville. This being their second time playing Ollie's and L.I. for that matter. It is very apparent that the buzz about Panzie is growing rapidly. Frontman Johnny Hawaiian is a very animated frontman besides every inch of exposed skin being covered in tattoos he also sings with authority and passion. He draws you in with his storytelling via his lyrics. His two main partners are the guitar duo of Jonnie Rocket and Dc Gonzalez. They have laid the foundation with a heavy melodic groove too move you. Playing a blistering set of music this Friday night there wasn't a body in the room not paying attention. With songs such as Built on Hate or Angry Man or what I like to call metal's new dance anthem "Dance" there is something for every rock & roll fan. Ollies' Point is such a great venue to showcase this band from the kicking sound system, amazing lighting rig and fog machine. It adds another dimension to the Panzie experience. I hope to see Panzie make more trips out to the island and I'll keep spreading the word about this amazing band.

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