Monday, March 5, 2012

Raise your metal horns to Martyrd

It seems I have been crossing paths with bands from the NYC music scene lately. And Saturday night was another one of those encounters.
 I made my way to one of my favorite Long Island music venues LuLu's of Port Jefferson on this cold March evening. Hosting tonight's event was the debut of Metal Infinity Television bringing metal showcases throughout the 5 major tri-state areas.
 Tonight there were four heavy metal hitters. And one of those hitters were NYC's Martyrd. If you like old school metal with a touch of some modern progressive metal then you need to checkout this band. Soaring vocals, duel guitar attack and driving rhythm section is just the beginning of this melt your face off powerhouse of a band. The energy coming from the stage tonight was intense. Frontman Aaron and guitarist Mike's performance was very theatrical. Aaron even join the crowd during one of Mikes guitar solos and mimicked Mike during it all. The rest of the band was tight and a perfect compliment to the antics of Aaron and Mike.
 Martyrd would be right at home playing along the side of bands such as Iron Maiden and Megadeath to name a few. You can find Martyrd on facebook and various other sites including their own.
 So if you like your metal be sure to see them live in a club near you before your forking over the big bucks when they hit the big time.

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