Monday, February 27, 2012

KILLCODE spreading like wildfire

With NYC having a population of more than 8 million people. Tonight the city was missing five of it's resident's. Those five individuals were the members of Killcode. And they were taking up residency at Ollie's Point in Amityville, Long Island. This is Killcodes second visit to Ollie's Point. They are on a mission too spread their infectious brand of rock to the Long Island area.
 Emerging onstage like a hand grenade Killcode was ready too implode the crowd. Looking like they were soaked in a batch of tattoo's, denim and leather. You knew you weren't going to be assaulted by a batch of pop songs. By their name alone you should have been prepared to have your chest pulverized.
 Having been to their first show at Ollie's a few month's ago. It was amazing too see the difference from the crowd's reaction to Killcode the second time around. The crowd surrounded the stage singing word for word along with singer Tom Morrissey. Killcode songs are not just songs but street anthems for the masses. The audience was like an army fists pumping and bodies moving in sync too the music. It's hard not to be moved by their music it's heavy, soulful, bluesy and catchy. Highlights of the night were 6AM Again, Hands Up and Bad Muther Fucker. Hell there wasn't a bad song in their set. To find out more about Killcode check them out on facebook and reverbnation.

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