Monday, February 13, 2012

Spending the night with Jackknife Stiletto

First you gotta show respect. Too a band that defines their music by a term concocted by all the members combined. Jackknife Stiletto define their music as Vagcore? For those that are unaware that would be female driven music thats thinking inside the box. Visions of a smoke filled room with the smell of bourbon and debauchery fill my head.
 As the temperature dipped into the freezing 20's outside. Jackknife Stiletto were heating it up inside as they rocked the stage. Playing selections off their Beautiful Disaster CD and throwing in some covers for good measure.
  Fronting this female trio is Erica Bathory on Lead vocals/bass. There's something about that glare in her eyes and sarcastic wit. That leaves you yearning for more.
  Headbanging and bouncing across the stage is Annie Stoic on guitar and backing moans. Annie's weapon of choice is a Gibson SG Amazing that so much sex appeal  and talent could be squeezed into such a small package.  I'm guessing the stalker problem they are having. Could stem from some of Annie's compromising positions on stage.
  And if that were not enough you have the ever so cute  Mel Funk on the drums/vocals. She is well protected behind the kit. Its just as well. Because you have a sudden urge to want too go up and give her a hug.
 But lets put looks and personality aside. Jackknife Stiletto rock. There passion and drive come across like seasoned professionals. They collectively know how to work a crowd. And deliver an entertaining show.
 Here is a local band going out and making a name for themselves. While other bands complain about the scene. Jackknife Stiletto is making a scene.
 You can find them at the usual places like facebook, myspace, reverbnation and their own website to name a few. And you can pickup their CD Beautiful Disaster at itunes or better yet at a show.

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