Monday, February 6, 2012

A cosmos of tunes delivered by The Vital MIght

 Hailing from Boston, MA The Vital Might brought their brand of progressive rock to the town of Port Jefferson.Taking the stage at LuLus they opened the night with Slow and Sound off their 2006 CD Obsidian.  One can't help but be taken on a musical journey and this is one ride you wish not too end. The Vital Might mixes elements of many styles into their musical arsenal. Looking through the diverse crowd in attendance there seemed to be something for everyone too enjoy. And it all seems to work to The Vital Mights advantage. A highlight of the night was during the song Saturday. A very upbeat tune with a hypnotic guitar progression driving the song. The band was in full form at this point of the night. Jumping around smiling. Its moments like this in a bands performance. That transcend throughout a crowd in a positive way.
 The Vital Might consists of Andy Milk / vocals, guitars, Rick Gauthier / Bass and Evan Kraker on drums. They are working on a new CD. And you can find them in the usual places like Facebook, Reverbnation, myspace and their own website
 On a final note to the local bands on the scene. Be on the lookout for out of town bands. This is a good opportunity to network with them. Find out about places to play, local news outlets that support your music. Don't miss out. It's from these bands you can learn first hand about other scenes out there.

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Rick Gauthier said...

John, thanks for coming out last weekend, we really appreciate the kind words and great pictures you took! You really have a gift when it comes to photographing live music! May I have a copy of those to use on our website? Proper credit would be given.
Let me know!
My email address is

Hope to see you next time we are out!

-Rick Gauthier