Monday, February 20, 2012

Ghosts Of Eden come packing heat.

If the headstock of a guitar were the barrel of a gun. Ghost of Eden's guitars would have been smoking tonight at O'Breins. Ghost of Eden came out to eastern LI to represent the NYC music scene. And by the reaction of the crowd they represented it well.
 This was my second time catching them live and they floor me every single time. Ghosts of Eden are the real deal. A winning combination of well crafted songs and a powerful live performance. What is surprising is you wouldn't expect the sound coming out of this band by just looking at them. They look like the could be selling you life insurance or doing your taxes. But once they start to play. They end up kicking your ass.
 Fronting GOE is Tom Pinto pulling double duty on lead vocals and guitar. Here is a frontman putting his heart, soul and sweat into every song. Oh how can you tell? Just take a look around a room while he's performing.
 Their collection of songs will have you moving, fist pumping and singing along. Its a convulsion you can't control. Stand out numbers would be In Motion, Heartbreak Crutch and K.M.A to name a few.
 I'm  also impressed by there strategy to sell their Cd's. There was no set price for the Cd's. As Tom put it. Give us what you can afford. Just go home with some of our music cause that's what it's all about.
 You can find Ghosts Of Eden on facebook, reverbnation and myspace. Pick up their Cd's Ignorance and Lies and Something Kinetic at itunes. Just a little fair warning playing these Cd's can become addicting.

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