Sunday, October 30, 2011

Mudcat takes us back in time.

Its funny how things work out. I was going to cover another show tonight. But yesterday I got notice that the show had been moved to another venue ( I wasn't up to the added mileage). So I opted to see Mudcat at LuLu's Village Pub.
Thing is Mudcat has no web site. Only a facebook page that I could find. And there wasn't much information about them and no music to sample. So I was going into this show like a blind man with very little information as to my wereabouts.
I was trying to keep my reviews to original bands. But sometimes life's biggest surprises come unexpectedly. And one of those surprises came in the form of a band called Mudcat.
The audience at LuLu's were treated too a set filled with some classic rock tunes. Not your typical tunes that every other band on the island covers. But other gems that don't get there due on the cover scene. Mudcat kicked off the night with a smoking rendition of Beer Drinkers and Hell Raisers (ZZ Top). Some of the highlights of their set included Last Child (Aerosmith),Hot Legs (Rod Stewart) and The Cowboy Song (Thin Lizzy). Oh yea they also covered Suicide by Thin Lizzy (Thin Lizzy is a favorite of mine). Can I ask for a request or two for future shows? Cold Sweat and Dancing in the Moonlight. And they did a killer version of Oh Well (Fleetwood Mac).
The band is fronted by John Golden on Vocals and guitars. I'm familiar with John from his work with Earth Eatz Dog. It's fitting too see John fronting a band. He has the look the chops and the voice. Also on guitar is Steve Culotta serving up some tasty guitar work. And holding down the low end is Jon Valente on bass. And serving up the big beat is Gary Worrel on drums. These four musicians injected new life into these classic songs (goes to show you somethings get better with age).
I gotta thank Mudcat for a couple of things. First just for a great night of music. And second I've spent so much time on my mission to support music. I've forgotten that all these great tunes they played tonight. Were original songs by those artists at one time. So thanks again for a great night of music.
So for the picture above this review. The included captions were either said by the band members or they were thinking those thoughts. If you don't believe me you should have been there. Keep a lookout for Mudcat. You won't be disappointed.

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