Sunday, September 11, 2011

High Bluff holds a winning hand.

Keyboard in hand and monitor in front of me. The search for this weeks band is on. I've come across four young men calling themselves High Bluff. An alternative garage band from Ridge NY.

I was able to listen to their self-titled cd in its entirety at I really could see this band being played on Little Stevens underground garage show. And with this cd fresh in my mine. I was off to see there next show.

Personally I enjoyed this band live more so than their cd. Some bands just have that magic about them live. And for me High Bluff is one of those bands. Just like KISS. Their studio recordings were good. But live is were they shined.

Vocalist / Guitarist Anthony Q was bursting with energy from the very first note. His guitar playing complimented second guitar player Jeff Bloch like a fine tuned machine. Bare footed bass player Kevin Rim held down the low end. While drummer Bryan Henriques played the hell out of his drums. These guys reminded me of an early Nirvana. Check them out live and you'll see why.

This is why live music is so important. Sometimes studio recordings don't catch the magic of a band. It's the live performances where a band needs to be seen and heard and felt.

I was also impressed to see guitarist Jeff Bloch walk the crowd trying to sell cds after the show. Other bands should take a note right now. Sometimes you have to go to your audience. Rather than waiting for them to come to you.

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