Sunday, September 18, 2011

Gotham Rocks LuLus

I decided to stray from reviewing one band this week. Why you ask? Hopefully I can answer that question and answer a few that may pop up. First let me start from the beginning. I was sent an invitation to a show hosted by Gotham Rocks and Terror Bomb Records being held at LuLus Village Pub in Port Jefferson. And the master of ceremonies was radio personality Radio J. All three entities have a common goal. And that goal is to support local original music. Please visit their web sites and see what you can do to support the scene.
Now its on with show. I unfortunately missed The Paraphernalia the first band of the evening. I did actually see them through the window as I drove around looking for a parking spot. A good sign that this show was being well attended.
So after driving around the block a couple of times and finding a place to park. I was in time for the second band Con the Villain. They brought mustachophy rock to the masses. I think everyone had a 5 o' clock shadow by the end of their set.
Ghosts of Eden came out from New Jersey. This band was a highlight of the night for me. Its special to watch an out of town band win over a local crowd.
Up next was The Souvenir. They entertained the crowd with their emotionally driven set. They had a Deftones vibe but a sound all there own.
As Craving Strange took the stage it was obvious they were a crowd favorite. They were armed with arsenal of catchy songs. I was so happy to be dodging a dancing crowd instead of a mosh pit.
Revel 9 was up next. A funny moment came as singer/guitarist DJ Pearlman joked he was jealous how easily Craving Strange could write catchy songs. Just a personal heads up to Dj. I've been humming San Jose all day long.
The final act of the night was Axis Unknown. Better know as Dan Acosta. Nothing can keep this man down. He assembled a last minute band to keep his commitment for this show. And did I mention he almost cut the tip of his thumb off days before.
I'd like to comment how refreshing it was to see the comradery the bands shared with each other. Its nights like this that show how strong this scene can be. We must go out and support local bands and venues to keep the scene alive and well.
A special thank you to LuLus for having a club thats nurturing this scene. And to Godfrey Palaia hands down one of the best sound engineers on the island.
Remember Music = art. We must support it to keep it alive.
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REVEL 9 said...

Anyone humming "San Jose" all day is OK in my book!... \m/

John said...

started with a.............. Great show last night. I'll be expanding this blog with interviews, question of the week and cd reviews (send one this way)