Tuesday, September 6, 2011

After Burn FDNY firefighting musicians

Who better than four FDNY firefighters calling themselves After Burn to breath life into the local music scene.

These instrument slinging firefighters played a blistering set of original / cover music on this hot sweaty night. Sprinkling a few covers into the set from AC/DC, STP and Zepplin. You get an idea what this bands originals are all about.

Joe Martin is their guitar player, songwriter and band manger. Its easy to say Joe wears many different hats for After Burn. It was Joe's desire to form an original hard rock band.

First to join was a bass player by the name of John Lopaz. A firefighter from the same South Bronx neighborhood that Joe had jammed with in the past.

With this duo in place the search for a drummer took place. After many failed attempts a buddy of Joe's got him touch with Mike Gallino. At first Mike wasn't interested in playing in another band. But as fate would have it he agreed to jam with them. And the magic couldn't be denied.

It was after a friendly ice hockey game a friend got them in touch with singer Richie Apps. Joe asked Richie to checkout some songs on their Reverb nation page. After one listen Richie wanted in. After Burn was now complete and ready to rock

They're hope is to resuscitate life into the local music scene. When asked about the future of After Burn. They're reply was simple. Get back into the studio, continue playing shows and having a good time.

Being all four members are FDNY firefighter's I asked them they're thoughts on 9/11. Without going into great detail the memory still haunts them. They ask us not to forget. And to be grateful everyday we have with family and friends.

For more information go to www.facebook.com/AFTERBURNmusic

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