Sunday, September 25, 2011

Awaken the metal thunder.

This weeks band is a progressive metal band called Awaken. I wish this show was better attended. Why is it people will spend 100+ for tickets through ticket master? When they can see great bands close to home for a few dollars? But for those who spent a couple of bucks tonight were treated to a great show. These are five very talented musicians.
I was approached by bass player Freddy Villano before the show. This was nice to see and more bands should be networking a room like this. We spoke about the scene and his band briefly. Turns out the members are spread throughout the New York area. Which make rehearsing not such an easy task. Also singer Glenn DaGrossa (from Lazarus fame) resides in CT.
During the show Glenn joked with the crowd. Stating he had to swim to get to the show. The guitar duo of Joe Todaro and Scott Bennet were amazing to watch. I was shocked that Scott had never practiced with the band before and it was his first time on stage with them. And rounding out the band was drummer Nick D'alessando. I've seen Nick play in various bands in the past and he is one hell of a drummer.
I would like to have seen Awaken with a merchandise table setup during the show. I think a band should have an area in the club to promote themselves. And clubs should give the space for a band to set up a merchandise table. It should be as important as the performance itself.
Awaken has no official .com at the moment. But they are taking advantage of sites like Myspace, Facebook and my favorite site ReverbNation.
To all you bands out there. Take my advice and sign up for a ReverbNation account. There are many tools for you to further your career.
On a final note. With the experience, Talent and accolades this band has combined. They should have no problem climbing the metal mountain. I wish them great success.

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John said...

I must make a correction. I received a message from Glenn today. There was a merchandise table set up and I missed it. Im glad this happened. It made me think that merchandise tables need to stand out in poor lighting. This way people like myself don't miss them and the band doesn't loss a potential sale. Just some food for thought. This could be a detail we haven't thought about but now its a thought.