Monday, December 24, 2012

The Last International makes a stand

So my travels brought me back to 89 North the best venue for original music on Long Island in my opinion. I was not expecting too be swept away as I was with The Last International. This three piece band reminded me of Concrete Blond and Dusty Springfield just a few to compare them to. They have this classic 60's tones in their music blended with a punkish blues / rock attitude. Fronting the band is the  beautiful black haired raven Delila who's voice sweeps you away on a musical journey. Backing her is guitar player  Edgey looking very much like a member of The Ramones. His playing is edgey with mounds of vintage guitar tones and rounding out the band is Fernando on the drums. This band is a must see in my book. You can find them in all the usual places such as Facebook, Myspace, Reverbnation and their own website. The band gave me a copy of their last cd called Choose Your Killer which has taken up residency in my cd player. I hear something new with each play that makes my ears smile and my soul wander.

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