Monday, December 17, 2012

Come on and get some Gina Cutillo.

Many moons ago I stumbled across a provocatively dress musician fronting a band called Supergenius going by the name of Gina Cutillo. Since this time she has gone solo and has released two Cd's the first being From Here to Desire and her most recent The Lover. This past Saturday night Gina Cutillo took the stage at 89 North Music Venue to deliver her brand of rock/dance to an awaiting crowd. With the opening vocal line to "Like You Know" Gina and her band kick into a high energy performance dripping with sex appeal. Having watched Gina's transformation through the years she has gone from that provocatively dressed rock musician too a sexy sophisticated performer. Nothing wrong with the first incarnation but with age comes a different form of taste that she has embraced and is as sexy as ever. Gina and the band delivered catchy memorable songs that were well received by 89 North's audience. With Long Island having this new music venue catering to original music one can only hope Gina Cutillo plays here often.

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