Monday, September 17, 2012

This Good Robot invades 89 North.

A 7PM show on a Saturday night? Well it was a last minute decision jumping onto this show at the 89 North Music Venue so I heard. I arrived late only catching the last three songs from This Good Robot. And that was enough for me too become a new fan of this band. There was so much energy coming from the stage you had no choice but to be drawn to them. Usually there is ample space on the 89 North stage but tonight This Good Robot filled the stage with its seven members providing more action then a Monday night football game. This Good Robot is a very unique rock band reminding me of  Mr. Bungle at times. Their stage show is full of energy and their songs are nothing short of contagious. And watching their fans hoist the lead singer in the air by his ankles like a prize trophy was nothing short of amazing. Do yourself a favor and seek out This Good Robot and catch the wave sweeping the scene.

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