Monday, June 4, 2012

Demon's Eye branding some old standards

 So as I surf the web for another show to catch I came across the name of a band called Demon's Eye. Now this conjures up all sorts of imagery in my head. I'm thinking another heavy metal band singing of knights and sorcery and things of that nature. So with that thought in my mind I research this band even further. I come to find that Charlie Grosso is playing guitar for this band. I recently learned of Charlie a couple of weeks ago when I caught him in another band called Sinner's Prayer. Behind the kit is Nick D'Alessandro from Awaken and Earth Eatz Dog and I'm sure many others. From my perspective Nick is the go to drummer on Long Island. And if you have ever seen him live you'll know why. Rounding out this trio is Leo Binelli on Vocals / Bass a force too be reckoned with in his own right.
 So that was all I needed to make my way to LuLu's Pub and catch this trio live. For starters I didn't get the heavy metal knights and sorcery I had envisioned. What I got was some ripping heavy blues with extended jams. These guys are well versed musicians and play well off each other. Opening their set with a killer rendition of Rufus Tomas / Walking the Dog some may be more familiar with the Aerosmith version.  Charlie explained to me that the idea behind their set was covering songs originating from black American blues artists that were subsequently redone by white classic rock artists.  And now Demon's Eye giving these songs life with their brand of hard rock/blues interpretation. The band likes to think of it as a presentation of standards for the next generation. Demon's Eye plays these songs with such heart and conviction you would have thought they wrote these songs themselves. Other highlight's of the night were Baby Please Don't Go, Just Got Paid and Bring It On Home.
 The audience cheered, danced and sang along to every song in the set. And a few audience members started shouting out requests. Hopefully the band took some notes so they can surprise the audience next time around with some of those tunes.
  So with other good night of live music under my belt. I'm happy too report the LI music scene is thriving with great talent. If your not part of the scene then get your ass off the couch and catch a show.
 I must thank Charlie for graciously giving me a CD before the show. It has many of the songs that they played tonight and I've been happily jamming it in my vehicle as I cruised around town today.


Leo Binetti said...

Thank you John, we appreciate the time you took to photograph and review us. Glad you enjoyed it. Thank you once again!

Anonymous said...

Your welcome Leo. I had a great time.