Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Wednesdays Spotlight.

Welcome to a new addition to my blog. I'm calling it Wednesdays spotlight. Weather your a fan of music or a band looking for some direction. I will give you some information to help you on your musical journey.
This Wednesdays spotlight is on a bar called the Bartini Bar. This bar is located at 124 North Carll Ave Babylon, NY 11702. This bar has plenty of parking in the back and is also across the street from the Babylon train station.
Bands looking for a small place to play would find this a suitable venue. They have a nice area for you to perform with stage lighting for some atmosphere during your performance.
My advice would be to go down and see the room. Then just speak to the bartender and ask about booking a show. They are currently looking for new bands to book.
Well there you have it. The new addition to the blog. Be one the lookout for the Wednesdays Spotlight. When every Wednesday of course.
Please leave a comment and lets me know if your have an idea for the Wednesday Spotlight.

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