Monday, January 16, 2012

The "Rise"of the night beckons J.Rad.

 There is an old proverb stating a chain is only as strong as its weakest link. And after seeing J.Rad perform this past Saturday night. That chain shows no sign of breaking anytime soon.
 I have heard of J.Rad for years now. I've never checked out there music or seen them live. But that has all changed since Saturday night. These four guys should be on a major tour playing to a national audience.
 There is a feeling in the air that can't really be put into words. When you see a band with the "it" factor. And J.Rad has the "it" factor. I can say all the usual things as. This band is tight. They have great stage presence. Good songwriting skills and so on. Yes they have all that. But too really appreciate J. Rad one must experience them live. Since Saturday night  I've devoured all there music online. But its live where this band really shines.
 You can download their Rise - EP on iTunes for $5.94 or better yet pick one up the next time they play in your town.
 Also you can find them at all the usual place's such as Facebook, Myspace, Reverbnation. And at there very own web site

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