Sunday, October 30, 2011

Mudcat takes us back in time.

Its funny how things work out. I was going to cover another show tonight. But yesterday I got notice that the show had been moved to another venue ( I wasn't up to the added mileage). So I opted to see Mudcat at LuLu's Village Pub.
Thing is Mudcat has no web site. Only a facebook page that I could find. And there wasn't much information about them and no music to sample. So I was going into this show like a blind man with very little information as to my wereabouts.
I was trying to keep my reviews to original bands. But sometimes life's biggest surprises come unexpectedly. And one of those surprises came in the form of a band called Mudcat.
The audience at LuLu's were treated too a set filled with some classic rock tunes. Not your typical tunes that every other band on the island covers. But other gems that don't get there due on the cover scene. Mudcat kicked off the night with a smoking rendition of Beer Drinkers and Hell Raisers (ZZ Top). Some of the highlights of their set included Last Child (Aerosmith),Hot Legs (Rod Stewart) and The Cowboy Song (Thin Lizzy). Oh yea they also covered Suicide by Thin Lizzy (Thin Lizzy is a favorite of mine). Can I ask for a request or two for future shows? Cold Sweat and Dancing in the Moonlight. And they did a killer version of Oh Well (Fleetwood Mac).
The band is fronted by John Golden on Vocals and guitars. I'm familiar with John from his work with Earth Eatz Dog. It's fitting too see John fronting a band. He has the look the chops and the voice. Also on guitar is Steve Culotta serving up some tasty guitar work. And holding down the low end is Jon Valente on bass. And serving up the big beat is Gary Worrel on drums. These four musicians injected new life into these classic songs (goes to show you somethings get better with age).
I gotta thank Mudcat for a couple of things. First just for a great night of music. And second I've spent so much time on my mission to support music. I've forgotten that all these great tunes they played tonight. Were original songs by those artists at one time. So thanks again for a great night of music.
So for the picture above this review. The included captions were either said by the band members or they were thinking those thoughts. If you don't believe me you should have been there. Keep a lookout for Mudcat. You won't be disappointed.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

The angelic voice of Eva Adalai

Eva Adalai is a must know artist from Long Island. I've been following this artist for a few years now. I've had the pleasure to watch her grow as a musician and a performer. I first met her at an open mic at the Village Pub in Port Jefferson NY. Now known as LuLus Village Pub.
From there I saw her front Evelyn Red which blossomed into Eva then transformed into Eva Adalai.
In 2007 she recorded This Machine. I have played this CD hundreds if not thousands of time's (no joke) it is that good. I would recommend everyone to get a copy and give it a listen. You won't be disappointed.
This past Friday I got to catch up with her and see her perform at Buckleys Irish Pub in Center Moriches. She was performing from 5:30 to 8:30 performing two sets of well known covers. She captivated the crowd with her interruptions of these well know songs. And by looking at her tip jar the crowd was more than satisfied.
While it seems she has traded the bigger stages for the more intimate venues of Long Island. She looks too have found peace as an artist in this landscape. You can find out more about Eva Adalai at her web site. And you can purchase her CD " This Machine" at itunes or at her next show.

Monday, October 17, 2011

A tidal wave named Tenpoint.

Tenpoint rolled into LuLu's of Port Jefferson like a tidal wave. Saturating everything in sight with there riff laden brand of rock. As guitar player Steven Seigerman proclaims he's infected with riffs. And may I add memorable riffs at that. Backing up those riffs is the powerful rhythm section consisting of Chris Kozikowski on bass guitar and Doug Bohn on drums. And fronting this power house is vocalist Mike Dimeo. Hands down has too be one of the best vocalists on the island.
Anyone who missed this show missed out on a stadium performance in an intimate setting. Fans were treated with songs off their first CD Northen rock. We also got to hear some new songs off their upcoming CD as well.
Tenpoint is the real deal. If we don't see them with a major record deal and a worldwide tour then the music business is truly being run with deaf ears.
You can keep track of Tenpoint at their facebook page. Friend them and catch a show. I can guarantee you'll be blow away.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Wednesday Spotlight / Things that irk me.

Why is it in this day and age I can't find a band on the web? And if their name does come up it isn't them. I had this problem for a show I attended on Saturday night.
The first band I couldn't find was The Dynamics. First off bands please do a name search before naming your band after a band that already has that name. Turns out The Dynamics are not the old R&B's group from Detroit, Michigan. The one I saw was lead by David Koltai president of Pixtronix effects pedals. And the only reason I know that is because he mentioned it while onstage. As for his band I still haven't found a web site for them. Hint name is already taken.
I would think if your out there playing you would want to promote yourself the best way possible? Yes or am I mistaken?
I can only believe Pigtronix is doing well. Thats why his band has no web site. It must be through word of mouth and his circle of friends that he's expecting a good turnout on the local scene. Yes or am I mistaken?
As for the band David was coaching the other band members between songs. Giving them cue's as to the tempo of the songs and what to do during the changes of the song. That aside they were very good and entertaining.
Do you think if a band is playing the scene that they should be relevant on the web? I think they should. It could be the deciding factor if I come out to see you play or not.
I had the same problem with one of the other bands on the bill called Rodeo Clown. I had left before they even took the stage.
Bands do yourself a favor and make it easy for people to find you. Post a link back to your band from the club you playing if possible. Hint facebook is a great place to do that. Oh yea there are some hint's above to help you promote yourself.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

A splash of Aqua Cherry

This week I attended a show with Aqua Cherry on the bill. These four men bring a hybrid of rock/funk/reggae to the table. Combined it makes for a tasty musical brew. What was nice to see was they looked like a band. A touch of fashion goes a long way. Unlike many bands out there that look like they just rolled out of bed and onto the stage. Aqua Cherry all looked like they were rock stars and they played like one too.
During their set they played songs from both of their CD's. 2010's ep "So Pretty" and their full length Cd "Drowning in the shallow end". You can find both CD's on itunes.
Aqua Cherry has a great energy on stage that an audience can't help but absorb. You'll find yourself start to move as Stu lays down a groovy bass line from his Music man. And when Chad joins in with the drums your movements will turn into a full fledge dance. Adding color to the mix from his fender stratocaster is Brain. And wrapping it all together is vocalist Derick.
My only gripe is they didn't have a merchandise table set up. Bands should remember this is as important as the gig itself.
All in all Aqua Cherry put on a great performance and it looked like the audience was having as much fun as the band themselves.
You can learn more about Aqua Cherry at their facebook and reverbnation pages.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Wednesdays Spotlight.

Welcome to a new addition to my blog. I'm calling it Wednesdays spotlight. Weather your a fan of music or a band looking for some direction. I will give you some information to help you on your musical journey.
This Wednesdays spotlight is on a bar called the Bartini Bar. This bar is located at 124 North Carll Ave Babylon, NY 11702. This bar has plenty of parking in the back and is also across the street from the Babylon train station.
Bands looking for a small place to play would find this a suitable venue. They have a nice area for you to perform with stage lighting for some atmosphere during your performance.
My advice would be to go down and see the room. Then just speak to the bartender and ask about booking a show. They are currently looking for new bands to book.
Well there you have it. The new addition to the blog. Be one the lookout for the Wednesdays Spotlight. When every Wednesday of course.
Please leave a comment and lets me know if your have an idea for the Wednesday Spotlight.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

VagXcore, thinking inside the box.

So I got an invitation to the VagXcore one year anniversary party this week. I had to check that this wasn't a mistake? Was there a gynecology convention in town? And I was mistakenly added to the list? Just checked no funny business changed down there.
Turns out VagXcore is a record label that promotes All female or female fronted bands. And this year the label turned a year old. And what better way to celebrate than have a party with four bands gracing the stage at Bartini Bar in West Babylon.
Tho the spotlight is shining on the females fronting these bands (except Jackknife Stiletto/all female band). Lets not forget the male members backing these ladies up. If not for you there light would not shine as brightly as it does.
The first band of the night was Better Off. Fronted by Desiree Parrillo on vocals/guitar. Their music was reminiscent of the british invasion, garage rock era days. They are currently working on a cd. So be on the lookout for it. Give them a listen on facebook.
The second band of the night was Extreme Makeover. Center stage for this band is Michele Meech. Extreme Makeover is a unique band on the scene. They take songs were all familiar with and blend them into something new and refreshing. I would hate to categorise them as a cover band. They are so much more than that. Friend them at facebook. And ask them to post some music.
I was really looking forward to the next band of the night. American Pinup is a high energy rockabilly pop band. Vocalist/guitarist Lauren West fronts the band. Lauren's vocals remind me of Imelda May on steroids. This band blew the roof off the place. I know they gain a-lot of new fans tonight. There wasn't a person sitting still during their fabulous set. Go to their website to learn more about this up an coming band.
The last band of the night was Jackknife Stiletto. Our host and ringleader of the nights festivities. How would you describe this band? Imagine if the Sex Pistols were an all female band. Their sound has an energy and edge that you have too experience live. The band consists of EsotErica on Vocals/bass, Annie Stoic on Guitar and Mel Funk on drums. These ladies engaged the crowd with lighthearted humor with a touch of sarcasm. All three of them know how to work an audience. And did I mention the stalker from their Dear Jane video was spotted in the crowd.
A great time was had by all tonight. Thank you to VagXcore for a night of great music. And I wish you the best in all your future endeavors.